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Mission Statement
Most and formost Also we help people with getting back to basics of
taking care of each other and help organze Solar Community developments for takingcareofpeople.org.
Helping People Individuals, Communities to Develop, Maintain, Protect and Improve
their quality of life and help organize other communities with
Humanitarian, Education, Wellness, Needs

We are located in Luray, VA - 2 hours SW of Washington DC

Email Us - TakingCareOfPeople.org, -   Earlir known as Critterpark.com
We have evolved into http://www.LurayHorseRanch.com
as our home base @ 2 Old Ice House Road
Call 800 750 9110 to RSVP for:  Free tour for Home Share,  Residential Living Info, Reservations, Activities, workshops .

We are under construction - thank you for your patience  
We take LIFE  Planing  seriously.
  A Better Choice Learning Park  is about LIFE Planning, Online Learning, Workshops, and Activity Planning to Help People Make Better Choices and help improve their quality of LIFE.  Elder Care Home Share,& Lodging, Workshops TakingCareOfPeole.org
     Elder Care & Home Share
AKA LIFE Planners.org 2004
AKA  Kaufmann Foundation.com 2000
AKA  A Better Choice Foundation  1996

How Much We
We Know is Not as
Important as You Knowing
How Much We Care
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We're all about
Green Living
  Getting Back To Basics with Hands On
Workshops and Story Tellers sharing how You and Your Community can live a SWEET life
like our ancestors  - for generations - lived off the land.

"Bein American" - Getting Back To Basics
 network now under development
TV shows, web sites, Intrviews, Videos, News station coming soon.

Virginia Residential homes, Luray, VA

Solar Community Development Project

 Managed by TakingCareOfPeople.org
Director, Stephen J. Kaufmann

Please be patient with us.... we're still under construction .

Next door is Luray Horse Rancch.iving, Senior Legal Serv
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Visit USA Luray Critter - Primitive History
and  Learning Park

See what's happening as we grow into Phase III
Walking Trails in the Wilderness Woods, Wild Flower Meadows
and much much more in our neighbors  back yard...
See our Trained Puppies and WOW PAL Pets

24 Hour Prayer Hotline Leave Your Confidential
Prayer Request @ 800 750 9110 # 3

Traditional Primitive Outdoor Leadership Skills

How to build a Tee Pee

Tips on Buying and Building Your Own Home

Sustainable Housing

  House Plans
More Cool House Plans

Learn about the Earliest Americans

Guide to Basics for Energy Development - Dept. of Energy

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Page County Conservation Map

LIFE Planners and
Living To Learn
We have had great vandalism on our farm property, computer network and server -
and the commonwealth attorney along with our local authorities for our community have not been able to help us.
These matters are under criminal investigation.
We appreciate your patience....
we're looking for better protection with elections forthcoming.
Thank you for your patience!


AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Therapy Nursery

Welcome To Our Learning Park
Newsletter - Eldership Living Project

Weekly House Reservations     
Serenity Old Daily and Weekly

  Our Friends and Volunteers

Taking Care of People Construction Projects

Virtual Learning Center Coming Soon

    Critter Park   ABC Campus Learning Center

Wellness Center offers many programs retreats for marriage couples, singles and church groups

Volunteers Needed

Legal - Financial - TaKing Care of Business and Asset Protection, Senior Survival Workshops

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Supporters  and Sponsors
ABC LAW   ABCLifeStyles.com   TKB Inc.  Luray Handyman services.com


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Sponsors: Estate Planning Institute | CEPP Professionals |   ABC LAW and LIFE Planners Inc.

Taking Care Of People.org
is a not for profit organization that started as A Better Choice Inc.
1984 by Bonnie Kaufmann, Builder/Contractor, lay counselor evolved into F
inancial and Estate Planning CEPP advisor when the original ministry was
legally estabalished as a  not for profit org.
Kaufmann Foundation  in 1996.

Most and formost Also we help people with getting back to basics of taking care of each other and help organze Solar Community developments for takingcareofpeople.org.

Operated  by a board and a non voting Director, Stephen J. Kaufmann.
 Founded by Bonnie Kaufmann in 1984 and evolved into the non profit organization today better known as TakingCareOfPeople.org
 The purpose of the organization is for charitable giving,
education, providing homes, care, and resources for persons wanting to improve their quality of life.
TCP.org provides ways and means for people with prayer, care and solutions to help
people needing assistance in many ways - including but not limited to:

cleaning maintenance, companion care, classes, workshops, apprenticeships, and volunteer programs that may include but not be limited to basic life skills, and how to learn more about how to make A Better Choice on many
levels and areas of their lives - and also when it comes to important decisions in life, Improving LIFE Skills

Getting back to basics of how to improve their quality of life in many levels including  but not limited to:  How to avoid exposure of getting in trouble with the law, how to find a better job or become self employed, income producing ways and means with better time management,
LIFE management ( Including Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Estate and Elder Law issues).
 - but more importantly how to improve and protect their quality of LIFE?

Money management, LIFE planning - including how to  build their own home DIY using solar and alternative energy that is free and how to solarize to improve their current home
with some landscaping and home improvements.  How to invest their time and income to the most beneficial for equity return for the sweat and return on their dollars spent.

How to connect spiritually to their Creator and find the gifts -
talents they were destined to utilize for a better quality life.

We work with many other organizations, churches,
governmental agencies, various industries - real estate, insurance, building, agriculture - farming, protecting farms from subdivision development and develop take care of people and alternative energy farms.  TCP org is a non denominational/interdenominational org
based on the Ten Commandments.

For information on to get involved
how you can your donate your time, talents, or donate property, farm, home, car, or support TCP.org financially
Call: 800 750 9110.
or mailto:sjk@abclaw.com

For more information visit  ABC Learning Park - Critter Park
email us. or call 800 750 9110

Contact: Director, Stephen J. Kaufmann
P O Box 669
Luray, VA  22835
To reserve housing, pic nic shelter,to attend an event or workshop Call:
email us. or call 800 750 9110

GPS: Learning Park Road, Luray, VA  22835

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